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CREATE TABLE in Teradata with examples

There are different ways to create tables in Teradata. We can also define the tables in such a way that it will allow or not allow the duplicates. We can also create tables with data from another table on the fly. Create table – Default We can create a table in Teradata with the default… Read More »

Export Teradata table to CSV using Java

In this post, we will see how we can connect to Teradata using the JDBC connection in Java using the credentials and copy the contents of the table to a CSV file. JDBC stands for Java Database Connector which is nothing but a set of libraries that will have supported functions to communicate with Teradata… Read More »

Using BTEQ export table to file in Teradata

BTEQ stands for Batch Teradata Query. It is one of the utilities of Teradata to execute SQLs. There are two modes to run the BTEQ export utility. Interactive and Batch mode. The most common mode is the Batch mode where the given SQL can be executed by calling the utility in a shell script. BTEQ… Read More »