PIG Installation steps

In this previous article, we saw how to install Apache Hive in the Ubuntu machine. Both of these articles are written with an assumption that you have already installed the Hadoop framework in the machine. If not, please visit this post and install the Hadoop framework first. Pig is another component of the Hadoop ecosystem… Read More »

Hive Installation steps

In this post, we will see how to install Hive in your Ubuntu machine. Hive is a tool to query and process data from HDFS. Hive uses HQL(Hive Query Language) for processing data. It follows MySQL syntax so people from SQL background will find it easy to work with the hive. Let’s get into the… Read More »

ALTER TABLE usages in MS SQL Server

In SQL server, ALTER TABLE statement is used for the following purposes  ADD columns/ constraints in the existing table.  DROP columns/ constraints in the existing table.  ALTER columns in the existing table.  ENABLE/ DISABLE triggers. ADD columns/constraints Syntax to add columns and constraints while creating column Syntax to add column(s) One or more columns can… Read More »

How Bluetooth works?

In this article, we will see what is Bluetooth, how it evolved, how it works and the latest version and applications of the same. How the Name “Bluetooth” Derived? Bluetooth wireless technology was named after a Danish Viking and King, Harald  Blatand. His last name means “Bluetooth” in English. He is credited with uniting Denmark… Read More »

Parsing SQL CREATE query using JSQLParser

In the previous articles, we saw how to parse and Insertquery and how to parse different forms of Select query using JSQL Parser in Java. This article describes how to do the same for a Create statement. There are multiple use-cases for parsing a Create Statement. Suppose if you want to validate the table schema… Read More »

Parsing SQL SELECT query using JSQLParser

In the other article, we saw how to parse an insert query and modify the objects in the query with the help of the JSQL Parser. In this article, we will see how to use the JSQL Parser for parsing a simple select query with the basic condition and multiple select queries. Imagine a scenario… Read More »

Parsing SQL INSERT query using JSQLParser in Java

It will be fun if we can parse the SQL query to get the objects used, columns selected, getting database names, etc from the query. The use-case depends are what you are going to do after parsing and extracting the objects from the query. You may want to modify the table name and simply load… Read More »

Export Oracle table to CSV file in Java

In this post, we will see how to export a table data from Oracle to a comma-separated file(CSV). The connection to Oracle from Java can be established using the Oracle JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) The JDBC connector will be different for each RDBMS. The JDBC connector is in the form of a JAR that can be… Read More »

Export Teradata table to CSV using Java

In this post, we will see how we can connect to Teradata using the JDBC connection in Java using the credentials and copy the contents of the table to a CSV file. JDBC stands for Java Database Connector which is nothing but a set of libraries that will have supported functions to communicate with Teradata… Read More »